Gym Spa & clubhouse

Nature Friendly Zoss Water Solutions For Better Workouts And Superior Hydration

Zoss Water is a great alternative for supplying large quantities of alkaline ionized water without worrying about bringing bottles in stock. This waste free, Nature friendly water system provides, great-tasting, super hydrating Ionized and alkaline Zoss Water for better recovery.

Whether it’s a gym, spa or your clubhouse, on-site alkaline and ionized water solutions by Zoss Water systems provides you and other fitness enthusiasts, the most economical solution for alkaline and ionized purification.

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Enjoy, cold, ambient, hot alkaline ionized Zoss Water

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Advanced Computational Electrolysis for optimum pH and ORP values

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Ergonomic design and innovations introduced for optimal usability

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Power saving feature gets activated in the absence of Water

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On demand, ionized and alkaline Zoss Water

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Flow rate upto 2L/Min

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Perfect for environments that demand frequent refills

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Quality built, sturdy materials


  • Consistently Alkaline and Ionized, Clean Taste

  • Luxury tabletop & standing Presence

  • Conference Rooms, Break Rooms & Kitchens


  • Eliminates multiple Plastic Bottle Waste

  • Lesser Carbon Footprint

  • Reduces Food Miles


  • Lower Costs | Higher Revenues

  • Frees Up valuable Storage Space

  • Zero Maintenance leasing options
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