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Beautiful space saving design with unparalleled workmanship", Vienna is the quintessential part of your healthier lifestyle.

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Plug And Play

No switches, just plug in the appliance and start drinking delicious Zoss Water

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Water Types

5 multifunctional waters

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Custom pH Range

Set your custom pH range as per your liking

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Zoss Care

Covered under exclusive zoss care for your complete peace of mind

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7 years

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Pressure control

Advanced control system for consistent output water into zoss nuc

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Advanced Computational electrolysis

for optimum pH and ORP values

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Zoss hose

Antibacterial SS Japanese hose for additional safety

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Feather touch backlight buttons

For a smoother experience and easy understanding for everyone in the family

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Colour display

Blue, Green, and red backlight colours for clear understanding of which level of water is being generated by the appliance

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Auto Cleaning

Auto cleaning of Zoss Nuc at every 50L to further reduce the effect of calcification.

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Eco Mode

When setting the eco - mode, the LCD backlight will be turned off automatically during periods of non usage

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Zoss cartridge display

Shows actual cartridge life remaining

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ZC reminder

To remind when zoss cartridge change is due

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ORP display

for understanding ORP leves

Vienna by Zoss Water is the ideal choice of nuclear families, and is also one of our best value product which can produce upto 2.5 litres per minute delicious alkaline ionized water, by transforming your tap or purified water. Vienna can produce 5 multifunctional waters for various purposes.

Water produced by Vienna for drinking is energized with ions which powers the athlete within you with superior alkaline hydration to support you through training or daily exercise.

Vienna is equipped with a super intelligent Zoss NUC, powered by smart advanced computational electrolysis technology which delivers consistent alkaline pH and antioxidant potential ensuring healthy hydration for your family and helping restore the optimum alkaline state of your body for overall wellness and good health.

Our goal is to create products that can make you live a healthier lifestyle, with water being one of the most important part of your diet and daily life, it should be also one of the healthiest. With Zoss Water appliances, your drinking water just got more delicious with alkaline ionized water produced by our super engineered machines, offering an unmatched experience with post sales satisfaction.

Ionized and alkaline water in Japan is often referred to as miracle water because of its tremendous health benefits. Japanese studies yielded conclusive evidence that alkaline water:
  • Can help improve digestive health.
  • Can help improve bone health.
  • Helps to hydrate your body much more than your typical water.
  • Helps flush out acidic waste.
  • Much more.

Refer to the case studies section for more information on how alkaline ionized water can be a life changing addition into your family.

Technology Advanced Computational Electrolysis (ACE), powered by Zoss NUC
ZossNUC 3 Poles, BPA free
Material of plates Titanium coated with platinum
Control Touch
Water flow Capacity*1 2L/min
MultiFunctional Waters 5
Display LCD
AntiScalingTechnology Automated
Service Reminders Optical & Audible
Pressure Indicator Optical
Acidic Water Indicator Optical & Audible
Over Heating & Over Water flow Auto Shut off
Dimensions W 23 x D 14 x H 33 / cm
Warranty*2 7
PreSeca Assist / Zoss TDSC*4 Pre SeCa
AMC*5 Excluded
Water tank capacity --
Power Saving Automated

Product specifications may vary by region and change without prior notice

  • 1 Output flow may vary as per the installation area and inlet water pressure conditions.
  • 2 Subject to warranty pre conditions.Refer to user manual for more information.
  • 3 Warranty may get void if the TDS of input water exceeds 120PPM and is lower than 50PPM.
  • 4 Subject to area of installation, TDS of water, and input pressure.Limited to ZossWater, authorised service components handled by zosswater partners.To be purchased separately.
  • 5 Annual maintenance contract includes changing of PreSeca filters ( 4 times a year ) and zoss cartridge(after consumption of 8000L, or cartridge getting blocked). Subject to recommended water conditions.
  • 6 If input pressure exceeds 40 psi, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed at the feed line.If the pressure is lower than 35 psi, a booster pump needs to be installed.Ensure you buy them from ZossWater Authorized Service Representative.
  • 7 Product specifications may vary by region and change without prior notice.
  • 8 Recommended Water conditions :
    • 1) TDS of feedwater to be not lower than 70PPM, in case, the feedwater it is below 70 PPM, please ask for an additional mineraliser cartridge.Ensure you buy them from ZossWater authorized service representative.
    • 2) TDS of feedwater to be not higher than 120PPM, in case, the feedwater it is above 120 PPM, please ask for a TDS controller system/Water softener.Ensure you buy them from ZossWater authorized service representative.